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PhD Corner

Technofist Solutions, Pune is specialized in Ph.D. support services. Technofist Solutions provides assistance for journal and thesis writing, dissertation writing to Ph.D. or Doctoral research scholars. Technofist Solutions approaches each research work through unique methodology, research expertise, professors, data management experts, industry professionals and language & technical editors. We can handle the PhD Assistance Research Work on different technical topics from various countries across the globe. We completely support at every stage from identification of topics to the final document of research scholars on various technical research topics.

We come with industries leading experts to offer a wide and enriched training experience on technology MATLAB, JAVA, ANDROIDS, NETWORKING, IOT, Big Data, Hadoop,Machine Learning, WSN and Cloud Computing. We nurture the new talent with the professional experience by providing the assistance on Research Work and offer a learning environment to explore in to the professional world.

Implementation – Matlab, Python, J2EE, Simulink-A PhD research work involves implementation of certain software. Modern day research is not solely dependent upon the aptitude of scholars; there are a number of specially designed software programs that assist researchers. This is particularly true for scholars pursuing research in the field of information technology, computer science, electronics and electrical engineering.

PhD Thesis Writing services – A seasoned researcher knows how to structure their project according to the predetermined set of rules and format. However, for someone embarking on their PhD, it is clear almost immediately that the PhD thesis writing follows a lot more stringent structure and regulations as compared to your postgraduate dissertation. We are therefore on a mission to provide guidance to aspiring PhD students who require the supplementary help to achieve PhD completion. Your thesis writing will feel like a breeze with our expert help. Any queries you have will be taken care of by our round the clock support.

  • Topic Selection
  • Proposal Writing
  • Algorithm Development
  • Simulation Results
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Publishing Support
  • Data Collection
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Plagiarism Removal
  • Thesis Writing
  • PPT